UX Files: The Case of the Indescribable Variables

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Business intelligence is all about user experience. Don’t believe me? The hundreds of BI applications available today, diverse as they are, share the common objective of replacing this:


SQL code


With something like this:


Exago BI Drag and Drop in ExpressView


That is, a graphical user interface (GUI) — emphasis on user.The goal of BI is to give all users easy access to their data, regardless of their fluency in database querying languages. This calls for a GUI as capable as it is user friendly, a tall order indeed.

Enter the UX designer. Ours is named Bailey Costello.

Bailey was indispensable in the design of our recently enhanced dashboard and visualization design interfaces. Her job was to discover what controls, layouts, workflows, and language would make the most sense to the most people. Each design decision posed a question, and each question required an investigation to answer. 

And so, as a window into these investigations, we bring you the UX Files. Our first installment: “The Case of the Indescribable Variables.”

When building charts in Exago BI, users have to select one set of data as their independent variable and another set as their dependent variable. Independent and dependent aren’t very intuitive terms, so historically they were respecitvely known as labels and values in Exago BI. Customer feedback revealed, however, that users didn’t find these terms very intuitive either. So what should they be called?  

I’ll let Bailey explain how she arrived at an answer.


Check back here for future installments of the UX Files as the Exago BI product development team continues to grow and enhance the product!
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