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UX Files: The Case of the “Add Tile” Button

by | Dashboards & Data Viz

Business intelligence is all about user experience. Don’t believe me? The hundreds of BI applications available today, diverse as they are, share the common objective of replacing this:

SQL code

With something like this:

bi reporting - data Merging - dragging fields on a report to create an ExpressView report

That is, a graphical user interface (GUI) — emphasis on user. The goal of BI is to give all users easy access to their data, regardless of their fluency in database querying languages. This calls for a GUI as capable as it is user friendly, a tall order indeed.

Enter the BI UX designer. Ours is named Bailey Costello.

And so, as a window into these investigations, we bring you the UX Files. Our second installment (the first can be found here): “The Case of the ‘Add Tile’ Button.”

BI users enjoy the ease and tactility of drag-and-drop controls, but they’re not always sure which UI elements to drag, even when the instruction to drag is explicitly shown. Instructions can be overlooked and other visual signals misconstrued. 

In this episode, Bailey talks about a particular instance of this draggability problem and how she solved it in Exago BI’s dashboards designer.



Check back here for future installments of the UX Files as the Exago BI product development team continues to grow and enhance the product!



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