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At Exago, we like to “drink our own champagne” by using Exago BI for all our internal reporting needs. For us, that means being able to connect to JIRA, Zendesk, and Salesforce data, as well as combining data from those sources on one report or dashboard. We use Exago BI’s analytics in our daily work, during department stand-ups, at company meetings, and at our annual Client Advisory Board meeting. This has helped inform our perspective on the application’s design and usability as well as given us grounds to encourage clients to treat Exago BI not just as an extension of their client-facing product but also as an internal resource.

Below are some of the reports and visualizations we use on a daily basis.


Development Standup Dashboard


Our development team uses this dashboard as a jumping-off point during morning stand-up meetings. Exago engineers use the data to coordinate and prioritize the day’s tasks.


Support dashboard


Individualized Task Reports for Engineers


We use JIRA to log project tasks and assign them to our engineers. This report shows that for the given sprint, of which there are three remaining development days, Rich has two outstanding tasks to complete. The report links directly to these tasks in JIRA so that Rich can easily access the full task log.



Engineer Task Report: Design View


This is what the task report looks like behind the scenes. The report’s title is generated by the formula in row 2, and the sprint timeline below that makes liberal use of conditional formatting to mark the cycle’s progress relative to the current date. Below that, the report lists tasks assigned to the engineer in question, triggering one of two warning messages depending on how much time is left in the cycle.


Developer task report


Solved Support Tickets by Agent


Exago uses Zendesk to interface with clients in need of technical support, and one basic metric the team keeps track of is number of solved tickets over a given period of time. (What have we learned? Allyson is a rock star.)


Support ticket bar chart


Support Tickets by Client Company


Client names have been obfuscated to protect their privacy, but this stacked bar chart shows how many support tickets of a given status each client company has with Exago. Date filters have been applied to the data so that only the most relevant results display.


Blue stacked bar chart


Sales Dashboard


Exago uses Salesforce to track sales opportunities and client interactions. This is a real Exago sales dashboard populated with dummy data for the purposes of this post. Our sales agents use reports and visualizations like these to keep tabs on team goals and performance.


Sales dashboard

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