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VHCB Grants Staff Easy Access to Decades of Data with On-Premises Adoption of BI

Vermont Housing and Conservation Board - Accessible Database
“Exago BI is sophisticated yet easy to use. There are very few problems it hasn’t been able to solve.”
-Dan Herman, Information Systems Manager


The VHCB creates affordable housing for Vermonters and conserves and protects Vermont’s agricultural land, forestland, historic properties, important natural areas, and recreational lands, all of which are of primary importance to the economic vitality and quality of life of the state. Learn more about VHCB.

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Over 25 years of data converted

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Adopted by (growing) team of 40, most with no previous BI experience

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Over 1,000 projects tracked


When Information Systems Manager Dan Herman was hired to update VHCB’s existing flat file system to a more dynamic, accessible database, he reached out to Exago CEO Mike Brody. Dan wanted a reporting solution that could help turn more than 25 years worth of data into actionable insights for the VHCB team.

Since then, VHCB has embedded Exago BI in an internal SQL database they developed. They use it to track project progress and finances for five different programs, including conservation, affordable housing, farm and forest viability, supporting healthy and lead-safe housing, and Americorps.

Before implementing Exago BI alongside the new database, VHCB employees could log data but didn’t have a quick and easy way to get the output they needed to answer pressing questions. Most of the team had no previous experience using business intelligence, so they needed a tool that would encourage adoption across the organization.


Using a combination of canned, operational reports and ad hoc ExpressViews, the team has progressed from using only four reports to running reports for every financial transaction and to track over 1,000 projects. All five of VHCB’s programs use Exago BI to report on hundreds of tables. They now have a new, flexible system that will scale along with them.

But the VHCB’s plans for Exago BI don’t stop there. They are working toward mapping their projects and sharing that data with the public, exposing information like: how many acres have been conserved in each county, how many affordable units have been built in each community, and how many dollars have gone toward each project.


Adding Exago BI to their web-based platform has granted VHCB staff access to decades of data that was out of reach before, causing them to adopt BI in their day-to-day operations and say, “Wow, there is a lot of data that we can now see really quickly that we never could before.”

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