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Strategic Insurance Software Empowers Independent Insurance Agencies with Best-of-Breed Reporting

“We wanted to deliver best-of-breed reporting, and we wanted a partner who has the same responsiveness we provide to our clients.”
-Alex Deak, CEO


Strategic Insurance Software is the team behind Partner Platform, the innovative web-based agency management system that helps insurance agents manage their workflows and enhance relationships with clients and prospects. Partner Platform is built on a foundation of strong, secure technology and is continuously improving through ongoing collaboration and communication with members of the SIS Partner User Community of independent insurance agencies. Learn more about SIS and Partner Platform.

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Have seen a decrease in sales cycle times

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Meets 95% of their clients’ needs upfront with library of 45+ pre-built operational reports

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Custom ad hoc reports cover remaining 5% of customer use cases


By 2016, SIS had been serving independent insurance agencies for over 20 years, and they wanted to improve their reporting and add analytics in order to continue to provide a top-level product and service to their clients. 

Exago BI’s ad hoc operational reporting and dashboard capabilities were exactly what Partner Platform users needed to get valuable, real-time insight into their agency finances, client retention rates, new policy business growth, and more.

But it was more than just Exago’s technical functionality that appealed to SIS. “Our platform is Partner Platform. It’s in our name, so it’s essential that we partner well so our clients can partner with us with confidence,” said CEO Alex Deak. “After we met with [Exago CEO] Mike Brody and the rest of the team, it was clear our companies’ core values and beliefs were in line with one another.” 


With Exago BI embedded in their Partner Platform, SIS moved from static reporting to dynamic, interactive reporting with data visualizations and linked reports for in-depth analysis. Partner Platform’s prebuilt suite of reports and dashboards accounts for 95% of clients’ BI and analytics needs, and custom-built ad hoc reports account for the other 5%.

In 2018, SIS was able to leverage Exago BI to expand upon their flagship offering and launch a brand new CRM product, which uses dashboards to track sales for independent insurance agencies by showing sales activity, win/loss ratios, and sales pipeline information.

The most notable differentiator SIS has achieved with Exago BI’s help is the ability to accurately calculate client retention for their agencies. Accurate Retention Reports are a key tool for helping insurance agencies manage their businesses, and creating them is an extremely challenging task in Insurtech that several of SIS’s competitors have tried and failed to accomplish. 

Customer Retention Report


The integration of Exago BI and Partner Platform has been “a really big deal for clients,” according to Bryce Lee, Director of Product Management at SIS. “With our previous reporting software, clients couldn’t filter and interact with their own reports while viewing them.” The ability to tailor reports to their particular needs has given Partner Platform users the power to ask meaningful questions of their own data and yield impactful results that help them grow their businesses.

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