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Customer Story

LeaseSpark Delivers a Comprehensive, Cost-Saving Enterprise Asset Finance Solution with Embedded Analytics

“Exago BI’s plug-and-play framework and affordability has allowed us to pass those time and cost savings down to our clients.”
-Ryan Pereira, President of Business Development


Providing comprehensive features for CRM, asset finance origination, credit decisioning, booking, funding, and servicing administration, TAO Solutions’ LeaseSpark platform is a modern end-to-end cloud application for asset-based finance. Learn more about LeaseSpark.

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Saved months of  development time by embedding Exago BI instead of building a solution in-house

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Delivers significant IT cost savings for clients by replacing multiple systems with one comprehensive product

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Self-service dashboards and reports a monumental value-add to product


TAO Solutions wanted to provide a cost-sensitive all-in-one application solution that also provides substantial reporting capabilities for their clients. To keep their LeaseSpark platform on the leading-edge of technology, they decided to move away from SSRS and find an embedded BI solution that would integrate smoothly with their established tech stack (SQL Server, ASP.NET Core MVC, Angular 5+) while empowering lessors and funders with self-service reporting and data analytics.


According to TAO CEO Aaron Seaton, they settled on Exago BI for its ability to easily integrate into their product. He noted that “the evaluation period brought [them] very close to a near production state with the software,” and that Exago BI allowed them to “control the deployment process because of the way its components are broken up.”

After exposing LeaseSpark’s object framework through Exago BI, customers can track, report on, and dynamically interact with all areas of the deal life-cycle in real-time through interactive dashboards, without any vendor or external IT intervention.


TAO has architected a user interface that satisfies their customers’ needs for simple configuration, custom reporting, and the ability to stay current even as the industry changes. As a comprehensive solution for data analytics and reporting, LeaseSpark will service the asset-finance industry in many areas, providing unmatched functionality at an affordable cost.

Seaton cited Exago BI dashboards as one of the most important elements they have embedded within their LeaseSpark application, saying, “Exago BI dashboards have become a center-piece to the user experience as the landing page for users upon logging in to the application. The slick drag-and-drop nature of configuring and assembling dashboards has proven to be a boon when showing off the product’s capabilities and extensibility on sales demos.”

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