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Exago BI the Only Platform Capable of Meeting Construction Management Solution’s Reporting Needs

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“The only reporting and BI tool on the market.”
– Robert Meunier, CEO


Founded in 1989, Maestro was designed to meet the specific needs of construction contractors, consolidating all their tasks from submission to invoicing. Their specialized modules today help over 10,000 users manage project operations and accounting in real time.  Learn more about Maestro.

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Saw a return on their investment within 12 – 18 months of deployment

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Achieved an increase in sales and improved value to their customers

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Used extensibility to bypass the Exago BI roadmap and customize UX


For decades, Maestro Technologies had successfully met its customers’ needs with a homegrown reporting solution; but as market demand for business intelligence intensified, it became clear that reporting alone would no longer suffice.

“So we started to develop our own BI application,” recounts Robert Meunier, former President and Founder of Maestro. This effort, however, failed to keep pace with customer expectations.

“A lot of our competitors were offering very high-end BI solutions,” he explains. “It got to a point where we started to lose potential new customers to competitors mainly based on their BI functionality.”

Around 2017, Maestro began searching for a third-party reporting and BI solution that would bring its feature set up to date.

Use Case

Maestro’s new BI solution would have to satisfy three core requirements:

  1. Ease of use. “What the customer expects is to be able to do their own reporting and create their own BI dashboard,” says Meunier. “The tool needed to be easy enough to be used by clerks.” Maestro’s homegrown solution proved too complex for most users to manage on their own, and customers did not want to have to pay for professional services.
  2. Embeddability. Maestro deploys both in the cloud and on premises. They needed a BI solution that could be “bundled,” or embedded, with Maestro and involve no additional management or installation overhead for the customer.
  3. Reports and Dashboards. The solution needed to provide both self-service reporting and self-service dashboarding tools. “Plenty of BI vendors offered data visualization and dashboards,” Meunier relates, “but the reporting side was almost nonexistent in all of the products we looked at.”

Maestro Technologies found Exago BI’s value (feature coverage for the cost), flexibility, extensibility, and front-end usability to be significantly better than that of competing solutions.

Exago’s client support they deemed best in class.


After deploying Exago BI, Maestro’s sales improved almost overnight.“When we were able to achieve that first milestone of integrating Exago BI into Maestro, it was immediate that we started to close more and more deals,” says Meunier.

BI went from being a dealbreaker to being a “nonissue.” Prospective customers showed renewed interest in other areas of Maestro’s functionality, now able to appreciate its competitive advantages.

Not only that, but Exago BI also strengthened Maestro’s relationship with existing customers. “It reassured them that we were investing in technology and evolving,” Meunier explains. Customers who might otherwise have churned away renewed their contracts instead.

In summary, Maestro realized the following benefits following the deployment of Exago BI:

    • Increased sales
    • Improved the value for their customers
    • They saw a return on their investment in Exago BI within 12 – 18 months.
    • Maestro realized the following benefits using Exago BI’s extensibility features:
      • A more customized user experience
      • The ability to introduce functionality unlikely to make it onto the Exago BI roadmap

Source: TechValidate

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