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Customer Story

ESM Solutions Gives Customers Complete Control with Self-Service Report Authoring

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“ESM Solutions values like-minded partners that continually focus on improving the overall customer experience.  Based on our experience, Exago clearly believes in this approach.”
-Tom Van Houten, VP of Business Development


ESM Solutions gives customers complete control of their spend through their comprehensive solution suite. Since ESM Solutions was founded in 2000, they have implemented their solutions with both public and private sector organizations, saving them time, money and resources along the way.  Learn more about ESM Solutions.

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Exago BI’s reporting capabilities saved 20% of ESM Solutions’ Developer and QA time previously invested in building custom reports

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ESM Solutions’ end users are able to customize their own reports without outside support


To increase customer satisfaction, ESM Solutions wanted to offer self-service report authoring privileges, design flexibility, custom dashboards, and report scheduling to their end users. Exago BI gave them all of those things in one neat package.


ESM has found that Exago BI’s report designers are not only sleek and intuitive, but easy to use when compared to other traditional report writing tools. Exago BI auto-joins data models to help non-technical users build reports and offers plenty of visual effects that increase the readability of the report. Exago BI’s Report Scheduler automates redundant tasks so ESM users’ time is freed up for other projects.


The integration with Exago BI not only saved 20% of ESM Solutions’ Dev + QA time, which was previously invested on building custom reports from scratch, but has empowered end users to customize their own reports without having to call ESM Solutions for help. Most importantly, the partnership with Exago BI has helped ESM Solutions pass the benefits of a better user interface, better functionality, more flexible workflows, and more stable pricing down to their end users.

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