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Exago BI frequently asked questions FAQs
You asked, we answered. Here are the top 20 most frequently asked questions about Exago BI! 


1. Will my users be able to build their own reports?

Absolutely! Exago’s reporting tools are designed so non-technical end users can build their own reports without relying on IT staff. The drag-and-drop ExpressView interface takes the intimidation factor out of reporting for novices/beginners while more experienced BI users and/or spreadsheet masters adjust quickly to the Advanced Report designer.

2. What tools do Exago reports come with?
Exago BI report

An Exago BI report featuring expanded and collapsed groups.

The Advanced Report designer lets report builders create robust, targeted reports with conditional formatting, sorts, filters, groups, user-defined formulas, maps, charts, linked reports and drilldowns, pivot tables, color themes, and more! It’s kind of like the Swiss Army knife of reporting. ExpressViews offer all of the reporting necessities like sorts, formulas, formatting, visualizations, and exporting, in a more graphical, WYSIWYG editor designed for reporting beginners.

3. Do I have to expose Exago’s full user interface and capabilities to my customers?

No. You decide which report designers and tools each user has access to based on their needs.

4. Can my users build reports with live data?

Yes. The ExpressView designer lets users build reports with live data so they can see how changes like sorts, filters, and grouping affect the data in real time. You can also enable interactive report editing on Advanced Reports, which lets users make changes to executed reports in HTML form. 


5. What types of visualizations can I choose from?

You have the option to include any of the following in Exago BI dashboards: Google Maps, Geocharts, Line, Bar, Column, Combination, Scatter, Bubble, Spark, Zoom, Tabular, KPIs, and Pie charts.

6. What about filters and other features?

A dropdown menu lets you easily add filter criteria to individual reports and visualizations or the entire dashboard. You can set filters to be invisible or interactive, depending on how you would like users to experience the final product. Other dashboard features include images, text tiles, internal links, live URLs, linked dashboards, drilldowns, color themes, scheduling, exporting, and automatic or manual updates. 

7. Can I send and/or export dashboards or individual visualizations?

You can export entire dashboards or individual dashboard elements, like visualizations or tabular reports to PDF. You can also email dashboards ad hoc or on a schedule.

Customization and Localization

8. What if I need a functionality Exago BI doesn’t ship with?

If you need the application to function in a specific way that Exago doesn’t provide out-of-the-box, you can use simple code extensions to add capabilities or change what happens when a user clicks on something or kicks off a process.

9. We have customers all over the world. Can Exago accommodate international users?

Exago BI ships with language files that make it easy for you to translate everything in the UI from contextual help guides to tooltips and error messages. You can also control datetime values and currency conversions to target each user’s timezone via the API or in the Administration Console.

10. Can we create custom themes?

Yes, you can create themes for reports and dashboards as well as for the application as a whole. Exago BI comes with several stock color themes to choose from, but you can create new ones at any time so users can quickly stylize reports, charts, and maps. Since our software is white-labeled, you can also edit CSS files to create full scale application themes that reflect your brand or your clients’ brands. Make quick work of theme-creation with our custom theme maker.

“Exago comes with a lot of extensibility options that let you tailor the product to fit your way of how you are building your product, rather than being forced to use a rigidly built software. Very good option for embedding into a software product. Building new reports and dashboards is super-fast and super easy, it is a very user friendly tool.”

-Exago client review on G2 Crowd


11. How does Exago BI keep data secure?

As an embedded application, Exago BI inherits the authentication protocol of the host application, your product. From there, Exago BI enforces data security through authorization. All it needs from the host application are users’ credentials (for example, the user id and company name), which will affect what data they may access . On top of this, Exago hands you a combination of customizable access controls, file and password encryptions, and APIs that ensure you maintain total control over data security in your application. 

12. Compliance

Exago BI sits behind your firewall and does not copy or save any data passed to it while running reports, so it does not interfere with your application’s adherence to relevant compliance standards. Get the details about Exago security and compliance measures here.


13. Is it free to do an evaluation?


14. How long does it take, and how flexible is the duration of the trial period?

A typical evaluation takes two weeks and consists of four calls. Collectively, the calls take about three hours. Most evaluators stick with the two-week timeline, but those on a tight schedule can opt for for our two-day fast track evaluation instead. We strive to accommodate whenever there are extenuating circumstances requiring alternate trial durations.

Data Handling

15. Can Exago BI handle large amounts of data?

Yes indeed. There is technically no limit to the amount of data Exago BI can handle, but the larger the data set, the more hardware will begin to impact performance. Exago supports horizontal scaling and comes with dozens of configuration controls that allow you to maximize performance in high-volume environments, including report execution caching, programmable data objects, aggregating in the database, and more. 

16. Can Exago combine data from different types of sources?

For an administrator, joining objects from different data sources—even different types of data sources like a MySQL table and a Postgres table—is just like joining objects from the same source. It is even possible to join an object from a structured data source with one from an unstructured data source, since the latter must be converted into a table format for reporting purposes. See a full list of supported data sources here.

17. Where does Exago host our data?

We don’t! You maintain control over where and how your data and your clients’ data is stored. Exago BI simply connects to and reads from those data sources.

18. Can I clean and prepare my data for end users?

You certainly can! Exago provides several options for data preparation including custom SQL objects, metadata, and object aliasing, which all live in the Administration Console for easy access. Exago’s native support of programmable data objects like stored procedures, views, and .NET assemblies also facilitates data manipulation ahead of reporting. Use Column Metadata to specify any data fields that should not be filterable, visible, or that should be read as a specific data type. The last step is object aliasing, which lets you create user friendly object names to display to end users.

“I LOVE the User Interface in the Exago ExpressView report writer. I really appreciate the Exago Admin console that allows me to configure how Exago is utilized with our user base. Their documentation is top notch – and they have a responsive and technologically knowledgeable staff – from Sales, Account Managers to the Support Team.” 

-Leslie Hobbs, Product Manager FM Systems

How We Do Business 

19. Can we also use Exago BI in-house?

Yes you can! In addition to offering it to your customers, you can connect Exago BI to business software platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, JIRA to run analytics on your own data!

20. What does Exago pricing include?

Exago has flat, all-inclusive pricing that does not charge you for additional users or servers as your business grows. Besides the software itself, your subscription also includes full-time, best-in-class Technical Support, a personal Customer Success Manager, product updates, access to our knowledge base, and monthly training videos run by our team of BI Consultants.

 * * *

If you would like more information on any of these topics, just fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch! To see Exago BI in action, join us for one of our overview webinars, which take place every other Thursday.

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