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Exago Clients Talk ROI

by | Buying BI

November 2019 – At this year’s Client Advisory Board Meeting, SaaS vendors discussed the ROI of their Exago BI investments. Here’s what they said drew them to the application and how it has benefitted products and customers. We’ve provided a transcription below.




Senior Customer Success Manager



“Since we implemented Exago, I think the sales team actually leads with it in a lot of cases because it is the end result. So I think our sales team really likes to be able to not only show that and show people what kind of effect that they’ll be able to have internally in their company, but also— it also helps us fulfill our complete value proposition. When you’re a project manager, you need to not only track progress and understand the teams and their activities, but also be able to review it and understand it and report on it. So it really completes our product.”




CEO & Co-founder

TAO Solutions – Read full case study


“We find that the ad hoc, do-it-yourself nature of the dashboards, the drag-and-drop features, are a highlight and something that we have actually built into our sales process now with our new application to show the sizzle on the steak, so to speak, in terms of a lot of the capabilities that we can now deliver with BI and embedded analytics”




Product Manager

FM: Systems


“These dashboards and reports help us sell our product. So during our sales cycle, we frequently have many engagements with a potential client; and every single time, we show our dashboards and our reporting. We talk about the simplicity of Exago reports and then their more advanced reports and what that functionality allows their end users to do. It allows us to pitch at the right level to the right person during that sales cycle, and that’s a huge benefit to us.”




Director of Product Management

Strategic Insurance Software – Read full case study


“We purposely added the dashboard to our main home screen of the software.So oftentimes, when you log in, that’s really the first thing that you see. That is very appealing to the end user. That certainly helped spark some great conversations, especially when one of our prospects is looking at us and two or three other of our competitors, they usually go through a lot of the same features. So it’s nice to have something that really catches their attention, and it’s a conversation that they’re having with us that they’re not having with our competitors, which is great.”




Vice President, Product Development and Delivery

SofterWare  – Read full case study


“We were able to create a legacy report writer that was more comfortable for our customers and what they were used to using. At the same time, we were able to offer the advanced report designer to those people who are power users or who needed that really advanced flexibility. We were able to offer scheduling for something we never had before — a lot of little things like that. I think and the fact that we could then take dashboards, wrap those up, give those to everybody at every price level within our product was something that, right out of the gate, lifted the market value of our product substantially.”

Exago BI’s customers enjoy a flat-rate pricing scheme resulting in higher ROI. Request a personalized demo to learn how you too could boost the ROI of your BI program.

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