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Data Talks, Episode 7

Data Talks is Exago’s podcast on all-things business intelligence, analytics, and application software. This month, we talk to Senior Software Developer Dave Killough and VP of Product Development and Delivery Tom Gimpel of SofterWare about the data science behind their nonprofit fundraising platform, DonorPerfect. We find out what sorts of experiments they run, what insights they’ve uncovered, and how they use embedded BI to pass that value on to their clients.


Segment 1: Data Science and BI

(3:08) What we talk about when we talk about data science.

(5:17) Who does the data science.

(7:36) How SofterWare applies data science findings.

(14:07) Using data science to learn about product usage.

(14:37) Data science and BI: dashboards and reports as vehicles for delivering experiment findings.

(16:37) The value of ad hoc reporting to SofterWare analysts.

(18:27) Extensibility as a crucial quality of embedded BI.

Segment 2: Advice on Buying BI

(22:12) On multiple hands-on evaluations.

(33:15) On prioritizing flexibility and extensibility; what to look for.

Segment 3: What We Are Nerding Out About

(26:07) Tom: RapidMiner and Auto Model!

(29:35) Dave: JupyterLab!




Featured Guests

Tom Gimpel is VP of Product Development and Delivery at SofterWare, a solutions provider dedicated to supporting human-centered services like child care, education, and nonprofit initiatives for more than 30 years. With a mission to “create software that’s delightfully easy to use, reliable and affordable”, Tom oversees product development for SofterWare’s DonorPerfect fundraising software, EZCare2 Childcare Software, and other products for more than 13,000 customers. Tom is a huge agile development advocate with more than 25 years experience in software development leadership at numerous companies. Prior to joining SofterWare, Tom was Chief Software Architect at GMAC Commercial Mortgage, and a three-time recipient of the “Digital Innovation” award by the Realcomm group. Tom also created SofterWare’s first mobile app for IOS/Android.

Dave Killough circular headshot

Dave Killough has been the lead developer for reporting and analytics development at SofterWare for over 6 years and has been instrumental in establishing its embedded reporting and analytics program. His extensive decades of experience in solutions development and subject matter expertise in Exago BI has helped make DonorPerfect the successful solution it is today.

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