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Data Talks, Episode 25

Data Talks is Exago’s podcast on business intelligence, analytics, and application software. This month, we are joined by our very own Senior Software Architect, Ryan Bazinet, for a deep dive on serverless architectures. What are they, how do they differ from traditional horizontal scaling models, and what is their potential impact on SaaS? We explore all this and more with Exago’s resident architecture wonk.


Segment 1: What is Serverless Architecture? 

(1:10) What is serverless architecture? (Hint: it’s not serverless.)

(13:05) Could serverless architecture give rise to a marketplace of canned software functions?

(15:30) The benefits of serverless architectures.

(19:50) Which types of tasks are most conducive to serverless processing.

(21:15) The value of serverless architecture over proprietary, high-performance servers.

(25:11) The potential impact of serverless architecture on Exago BI.

(30:15) Attention non-technicals: a restaurant analogy for understanding serverless architecture.

(31:50) How does write-back work in a serverless architecture?

Segment 2: What We Are Nerding Out About

(33:45) Ryan: GaaS (gaming as a service)!

(39:15) Nicole: Caitlin Johnson’s business analysis course on TDWI!

(41:25) Chris: Bot wars!

Notable Quotes

“There are some considerations you have to make, even in a platform-as-a-service architecture, with respect to the hardware; but typically, you’re gonna say, ‘Here’s my application. Run it.’” (3:27)

“Where you have a lot of little tasks that need to be done at the same time…that’s going to be one that would really lend itself very well to this type of architecture.” (20:59)

“What you’re gonna have is spikes. Overnight, when it’s two, three in the morning, you’re not gonna have too much activity. So you’re paying a huge amount of money for this server that’s sitting there idle. [Serverless architecture] eliminates all that because now, you’re literally only paying for the cycles that you’re using.” (22:46)

“If you want to horizontally scale, and you don’t want to spend — or don’t have any need to spend — tons of money on a huge machine, it’s definitely way, way cheaper to do it this way.” (25:01)

“You’re not hiring hundreds of people to handle this direct for your restaurant. You’re working with a service that picks up from your restaurant but may also be picking up from competitors or whatever, and you’re sort of willing to take that because now you’re able to deliver to anybody anywhere, basically.” (31:19)

Featured Guest

Ryan Bazinet - Exago Senior Software Engineer

Ryan Bazinet is Senior Software Architect at Exago Inc. and has twenty years’ experience in the field. During his nearly 14 years at IBM, Ryan’s responsibilities ranged from UNIX and Linux administration to engineering EDA software. His most notable accomplishments at Exago include bringing Linux support to the application, engineering its REST and JavaScript APIs, and developing more rigorous code review processes. You can find Ryan on LinkedIn.

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