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Launching Your Exago BI Implementation
Exago BI’s flexible embedding, extensibility options, strategic implementation guidelines, and consulting expertise ensure you launch a unique and stable product when and how you want.
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TAO Solutions CEO and Co-Founder Aaron Seaton talks implementing Exago BI

Set Your Timeline

  • 51% of Exago clients launch within 3 months, according to the Winter 2020 G2 Crowd Embedded BI Comparison Report.
  • Some Exago clients report going live in under 2 months and some have done it in 1, according to internal records.
  • Our Customer Success teams work with you to set and meet your deadlines.

“We evaluated several different solutions, but what made us go with Exago was the evaluation and implementation process. They really helped us to implement the software and that really got us going.”

-Cody Gray Product Manager for ManagerPlus

Select Your Launch Strategy

  • Accelerated launch- Get to market quickly while laying the groundwork for future updates. Include basic white labeling and a small library of canned reports and dashboards to get clients started.
  • Comprehensive launch- Go public all at once with a fully white labeled and feature-complete implementation including custom themes and extensions.
  • Incremental launch- (Industry recommended method) Balance time-to-market with R&D by launching in phases. Start with a MVP and rollout features and extensions over time.
Exago Implementation Timeline

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“We had to integrate into a pretty complex security infrastructure and Exago was frankly the only tool we looked at that had the flexibility to do that and deliver it in a way that was embedded and still really fashionable from a presentation perspective for our customers.”

-Tom Gimpel VP of Product Development and Delivery for SofterWare

Application Integration AfterApplication Integration After

Make it Yours

  • Every visual element of Exago BI can be customized. Every language element can be translated. Full localization is supported.
  • An open API with server-side and client-side event handlers means Exago BI fits your application, not the other way around.
  • Make use of your security protocol and deploy behind your firewalls on site, in the cloud, or both.
  • Extend it to suit your special requirements today, and when your needs change Exago BI can adapt to fit your future roadmap.